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Originally a classically trained painter and sculptor who employed traditional academic techniques with an emphasis on academic realism and naturalism, I now work predominantly on abstract works in a variety of mediums, both traditional and non-traditional.


My current work consists of intricate abstract paintings that are created with black oil-based paint upon primed and cradled panels, and are done entirely by freehand, without any preliminary sketches, prints, projections, or under-paintings.   Each piece is relatively unplanned, as I try as best I can to allow for the ideas and mark makings to happen as naturally as possible. At each given moment I am not entirely sure what the final work will look like or even how the mark I am currently making will ultimately affect my ever changing idea of how to proceed. The paintings tend to grow, so to speak, slowly but surely, until they are finally 'finished.'


Additionally, I make a point not to varnish my paintings for many months or even a year, as I like to allow the paintings to live and possibly get scuffed or worn a bit.  I also make a point not to stress too much during the varnishing process.  I try to get most of the hairs or dust out, and I do not aim to have pooling, but if they occur, they occur.  I do not purposely 'damage the work' but rather, as a continued practice of the ideas I wish to convey, I allow for the work to change naturally, and not cover up the blemishes, but allow for them to add to the beauty.  It is, in a way, akin to the Japanese idea of Kintsugi, whereby the cracks in the pottery are seen as the most beautiful parts and are often filled with gold.  The blemishes, if we are to call them that, are not to be hidden or disguised, as they are part of the life of the piece.  What happened, happened, and it is our risiliency and ability to overcome obstacles that truly makes us unique and beautiful.  I feel the same about my artwork.


Key concepts and ideas

that relate to my work are:


  • Ubuntu 

  • Synergy 

  • Symbiosis 

  • Fluidity 

  • Inter-connectivity 

  • Mindfulness 

  • Compassion

  • Harmony

  • Spontaneity

  • Diversity 

  • Balance 

  • Embracing Change

  • And the paradox of duality and non-duality



Ultimately, I would hope that my work inspires compassion, curiosity, and a sense of wonder and unity, while awakening innovative, creative, and abstract thought.


*Given the intricate nature of my work, it can take months to complete one piece.  Bearing that in mind, please make sure to look at the 'detail images' in my, 'Paintings' section, as they are there to help provide some additional perspective.  My paintings are really intended to be seen and interacted with in-person.  I chose to couple detail images with the full composition images, hoping to enhance your experience, while also providing a more accurate representation of my work, and the work that is put into them.  


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


Studied and Trained under:


Li Hu -




Jeff Lipschutz -

My work, as an artist, is influenced and inspired by my own life experiences and philosophies, combined with my studies of:


  • Quantum Mechanics

  • Cosmology

  • Biology 

  • Philosophy

  • Ubuntu

  • Taoism

  • Buddhism

  • Ancient history

  • And other varied scientific

     & spiritual interests.  


Short Compilation Video From An Iron Pour Demonstration I Did With Teresa Lind in Waupaca, WI.  -- I'm The Guy In The Red Helmet

Life is a struggle for us all, please just be 

kind and compassionate towards one another.  

A simple smile, shared laughter, a hug,

a shoulder to cry on, an ear for listening, or

even just a simple acknowldgement 

can mean much more than you might think.  



With that in mind, I support:


  • Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project

  • The Ethical Treatment of Animals

  • Equal Rights & Diversity

  • The LGBTQ Community



I also support and recognize marriage

and unions between consenting adults

regardless of race, creed, gender association,

sexual orientation, cultural background,

or belief system.


Love is wonderfully diverse. 



  Namaste :)

"Everyone you meet

is fighting a battle 

that you know 

nothing about.  


Be kind.  








"It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”

~Audre Lorde


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