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2013 The American Juried Art Salon's 19th International Art Show

2013 MoMA PS1 New York - Curated Show for The Queens Tech Bash Fundraiser

2013 Celeste Prize - Juried Shortlist Selection - Rome, Italy

Link--> Ross Bisbee - "Winds of Change"

2013 Art Takes Miami - Digital Exhibition at Scope Miami

2013 International Art Festival in New York - Honorable Mention

Links --> "Synergy" (Formerly "Untitled 1")

               "Winds of Change" (Formerly "Untitled 2")

               "Forward Momentum" (Formerly "Untitled 3")

2013 Calvin College's 106 Gallery - Group Show - "Delineation" - Grand Rapids, MI

2013 Artprize Artist - Grand Rapids, MI

Link --> Ross Bisbee - (Non)Duality

2013 Art Show for the Van Andel Institute in Grand Rapids, MI

2013 Main Street Art Works Gallery - Group Show - Chilton, WI

2013 Creatives Rising Exhibition in New York City:

October 2013 - My artwork was projected, 30 stories tall upon the side of a skyscraper.

Leading up to this event, as part of a globally recognized marketing campaign throughout New York City, my work was also projected at the following locations over the course of the month of September in 2013:































2014 "Year in Review 2013" - See.Me Exhibition Space​ NYC

2014 Center Grounds Studios - Group Show - "Budding Artists" - Blue Mounds, WI

2014 Evolution Arts Collective - Group Show - Madison, WI

2014 See|Me Takeover Time Squre - 25ft Digital Billboard in Times Square, New York

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