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Ross Bisbee Yoga

Private Small Group Yoga Instruction

Sunrise Yoga

Sunrise Yoga

Reasons Why

There are lots of reasons why someone might prefer private small group yoga instruction:

  • Maybe you're looking for a fun activity to do with your friends, family, or coworkers​.

  • Rather than going out and spending money on drinks, set up a regular yoga practice.​

    • Trade-in your hangover for some yoga induced bliss.

  • The idea of practicing yoga outside, in your yard, or at a park, with your own private instructor just sounds fun!

  • You happen to be hosting a special get together and want to add a yoga class.

  • You might be looking to deepen your practice with an experienced and certified instructor.


  • Perhaps you're new to yoga and want to build a strong foundation.

  • The list goes on and on, but whatever your reason, I'd love to work with you to achieve your wellness goals :)

How It Works

We'll hold an initial consultation where we'll discuss:


  • What you are looking to get out of your practice:

    • Your level of experience

    • Style of class

    • Length of class


  • How often you'd like to get together:

    • Daily

    • Once a week

    • Once a month

    • Infrequently


  • Coordinate our schedules based upon what you are looking for and find times that fit both of our calendars.


  • Go over pricing


  • Fill out simple paperwork


  • Discuss my guidelines and expectations

  • Go over location options:

    • In-home

    • In-office

    • In-studio

    • Outside


  • Then after we've established a plan, we'll put the plan into action and begin our work together :)

Contact Me Via Email:



Small Group Yoga Pricing:


Initial Consultation (Required):  Free 


Rate: $100/hr (2-5 Individuals)


**Additional $20 per person beyond 5 people.

If it is a large group we'll discuss a different flat rate.

Flexible Scheudling & Locations

  • In Home

  • In Office

  • In Studio

  • In Your Yard

  • At A Park

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