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Podcast launching early 2017.  More details to come soon.

Mind Body Talks With Cherie & Ross





















This is an opinion-based, open dialogue, and conversational show centering around the mind-body connection and holistic health in general. Our topics and takes are informed by our personal and professional experiences and will continue to be aided by the thoughts, experiences, and research of our regular guests.

Together we touch upon topics of mindfulness, epigenetics, new research, brainspotting, counseling, yoga, nutrition, sexuality, meditation, social justice, and more, with a touch of humor and occasionally a few embarrassing slip-ups along the way.


Our regular interviews feature counselors, yoga teachers, medical professionals, nutritionists, healers, and thinkers from all walks of life, providing them a platform and an opportunity to add to the discussion and share more about what they do, and what motivates and interests them.


In the end, the intention is to push boundaries and comfort zones, while challenging people to think beyond their conditioning, and hopefully provide new outlets, options, and opinions for people to consider as they continue on their journey.

Stay tuned for details and then once we launch you can subscribe on iTunes and Youtube.

Cherie Lindberg

Brainspotting Trainer &

Consultant MSE, LPC, NCC

Ross Bisbee

Professional Yoga Instructor & Fine Artist, RYT 200

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