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Ross Bisbee Yoga

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Breathe & Be Yoga Basics 

Great for both new and experienced yogis.  


This will be a slower moving class, which will focus primarily on breathing, helping one to better thrive and flourish on and off of their mat.  Throughout each practice, I will be presenting and encouraging many options for modifications and variations of each pose or movement, to help keep the body in proper alignment and posture, for truly, yoga is for everyone. 


In the case where a class is entirely or mostly comprised of people new to yoga, we’ll actively slow things down, all the more, and carefully breakdown and workshop the movements, breathing techniques, and options for modifications.  Questions are welcome and encouraged.


At all times remember that it is YOUR practice, and I am but a voice in the room offering guidance and suggestions. Taking a child’s pose is always an option, often times a smart one. In fact, were you to simply sit and continue with deep and mindful inhales and exhales for the duration of class, even without the movements, you will still have had a tremendously successful and beneficial practice.

Cost:            Donation Based ---->            People are encouraged to pay according to 

                        what they can afford.


            Suggested Donation:   $10 - $20 

***Simply a suggestion. If finances are tight, this is a judgement free zone,

so just throw in a couple dollars or enjoy a free class.  No explanation needed.

Donations can be made discretely at one of many receptacles placed

around the room/space.


When:        Every Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday


Time:            6:00 - 7:00pm

            ** Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get situated so that we can start on time.


Where:        5497 W Waterford Ln, Appleton, WI 54913

           (Get Connected Counseling & Consulting LLC)


Instructor:         Ross Bisbee of Ross Bisbee Yoga

         RYT 200 - Registered Yoga Teacher


What To Bring:      

- Water Bottle

- Comfortable Work Out Clothes

- Yoga Mat

             (We have extras, but you are encouraged to bring your own)

ॐ All are welcome ॐ

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