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Key Notes Regarding All
Donation-Based Classes: 

  • There will always be a suggested donation amount, but this is truly intended to be a very inviting and judgement free zone, where you never need to explain your situation or feel the burden or pressure of being asked or expected to pay each class.   


​- If you can donate, great, and I appreciate it, as that helps make these classes a real possibility to stick around, stay open, be sustainable and flourish.

- ​If you can’t, and you know that what is offered can or does help you, then please continue to come as often as you’d like, take as many classes as you’d like, and always know that these classes, this space, the people that teach and practice here have nothing but love, appreciation, and respect for you all.

  • All donations big and small are accepted, but there are no refunds as it is impossible to know how much someone has donated, given the discrete and anonymous way donations are given/accepted.

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